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Let's find out how much you can afford for your new home purchase


You’ve got your home and neighbourhood in mind, meeting with one of our experienced Mortgage Brokers now will help you assess how much you can actually afford as a monthly mortgage payment.


Our Mortgage Experts really are on your side, they not only access great rates and exclusive mortgage products, but also offer both traditional and innovative mortgage solutions to meet your unique needs. They’ll help you uncover the differences between being pre-qualified and pre-approved. Once pre-approved, home sellers will know you’re serious and you too will have peace of mind knowing just what you can afford.


Once you scroll down to “Apply Now” It takes you to the contact us form, not sure if that’s intentional so they can pass on the lead to an agent in the office or if that’s meant to take one to an actual application. If that’s the case, Apply Now should change to Find an Expert? Not sure what the intent is, I’ll ask Teresa so we can confirm that.


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